Why Entropy

A deeper look into why Entropy was invented for a healthier world


Globally, more people are living longer but spending close to 10 years in ill health

According to the World Health Organization, people are now living longer with life expectancy growing to 73.3 years globally.

However, the number of years spent in good health is roughly 63.7 years globally.

This shows that most people spend close to 10 years in ill health, burdened by chronic illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes.

Every bite and drop count. What we eat and drink daily matter

71% of global deaths are due to chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes.

One of the major causes to these chronic diseases is what we eat and drink daily

Our daily diet can lead directly to chronic diseases or to metabolic risk factors such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar or high fat level in our blood


The modern day struggle with daily beverages

Down the aisles of supermarkets and our local stores, we are bombarded with options that are not the best for our health.

  1. High fructose / sugary drinks
  2. Drinks added with preservatives, artificial flavoring, sweetener or other chemical additives
  3. Drinks with degraded nutrients due to pasteurization

Even the healthier daily beverages that are off the shelves are not the most functionally beneficial to our health

Every drop of your daily beverage made better for you

This is why we invented Entropy.

A world’s first anti-oxidizing energy enhancement technology embodied in an easy-to-use home appliance

This technology can instantly make your daily beverages

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Metabolically energizing

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entropy sante with a cup of coffee in an office pantry kitchen
fitness athletes pouring protein powder into protein shaker before treating protein shake with beverage enhancement technology Entropy Sante

A world’s first opportunity to reimagine a healthier you or help others do so

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