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Kevin S and Alex L from Singapore ,  Singapore

No more red and irritated eyes after washing with Entropy water

This happens frequently in our lives. Feeling irritation in our eyes when unknown contaminants enter our eyes. This often causes our eyes to turn red and itchy. It is inconvenient and unbearable. However, we found that there is a neat trick that we've been using so far. And that is washing our eyes with Entropy water whenever we encounter these episodes of redness and irritation in our eyes. It has been working wondrously so far, allowing our eyes to recover in less than 30 minutes.

With Entropy, we now have a handy solution anytime we encounter redness or irritation in our eyes. This does not even take hours to achieve. Based on our experience, it took only between 5 to 22 minutes for our eyes to recover and go back to normal. The redness and itch reduced significantly and it's been really pleasant.


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