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Dr. Ken S Khan from Vancouver ,  Canada

From Hypertension To Normal BP Now, Thanks To Entropy.

I have been using Entropy System for the last one year and am addicted to it, from morning coffee to evening drinks and all day long drinking energy water. My first noticeable difference was dropping blood pressure after using six months.

I had discussed with my GP that I am experiencing low BP and having giddy feelings, after observing two weeks of BP readings he asked me to stop taking one medication, but continue with another one, I used to take two hypertension tablets for almost 15 years; now I am taking only one medication once a day and my BP always stays in the normal range. In future, I may not required to take any blood pressure medication.

Entropy beverage system certainly has long-term benefits. I strongly recommend it to those seeking longevity, health and wellness. Blessings


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