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Dr. Ken from Vancouver ,  Canada

Entropy reversing diabetic conditions that I had for 22 years

I have been diabetic for the last 22 years. Ever since I found out that I was diabetic, I had been working really hard to control my conditions with diet, exercise and medication.

When I first learnt about this technology - Entropy, I did not just take their word for it but instead I decided to use my professional expertise to research and conduct a deep-dive into their technology's working principles. The technology turned out to be really sound on paper and that was why I decided to give it a try! I bought the Entropy VIVA and have been using it to treat my daily water and morning coffee. Ever since then, my blood glucose reading in the morning could average around 6.5 mmol/L and my A1C reading could average at 6.4%. This puts me in pre-diabetic range instead of the diabetic range. This has been such a life-changing experience as my readings had always been diabetic for the last 22 years.

There are more bonuses to be felt after using Entropy for my daily beverages. I could see a huge improvement in my sleep - getting an uninterrupted 6 to 7-hour sleep without having to wake up a single time. I also noticed a huge improvement in my energy level that I could move so much more with little fatigue on a daily basis.

I'd really recommend Entropy to seniors and athletes or people who strive towards a healthy lifestyle as it is really just pure energy that powers you to enjoy life to its fullest!


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