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Harley Pow from Northeast ,  Singapore

Entropy is more than just a beverage treatment machine, it is a lifestyle to stay healthy and vibrant.

I encounter Entropy during work. Entropy is more than just a beverage treatment machine, it is a lifestyle to stay healthy and vibrant. Ever since I tried the first cup of entropy, I can feel the difference from any other beverage I previously drink. The feeling of energy surge is something worth exploring. I did a test using a lumen meter, the CO2 measurement in my exhaled air will tell if I’m are burning more carb or fat. Guess what, I was able to burn more fat after drinking entropy even at rest, that is amazing!


Before Entropy

Being anti-oxidized physically, the beverages are healthy and clear up free radicals in my body. Do you like fried food and oily food? I do, but not so much after I adopted the Entropy lifestyle. My body finally knows it, fried food and oily food is not good for me. It's never too late to know what is good and bad.

After Entropy

I love fishing, but not the sunburnt and free radicals. No worries about giving up your favourite sports or hobbies, just drink plenty of Entropy. Being seriously overweight and also weight gain consistently over the years. With the Entropy lifestyle, now I start to do more long walks when I have the time, I do sweat a lot more if I drink entropy and exercise. It makes me feel good and my weight is starting to downtrend!


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