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Jun from Manilla ,  Philippines

Entropy helped me with my clubbed fingers condition that has troubled me for decades as a chef

I am a chef for many years based in Philippines. I own a few restaurants and despite employing top chefs in my kitchens, I often cook personally for my customers so as to ensure the highest quality of dishes served. However, as an occupational hazard, I had developed clubbed fingers which are swelling finger tips, toes and feet. When I saw my good friend Marius' gout conditions turned for the better due to Entropy, I decided to give it a try as well. To much of my surprise, it worked! My kitchen work remains unchanged but clubbed fingers are no longer an issue for me. I have since been drinking Entropy water and started encouraging my family to do so as well.

Before Entropy

Before Entropy, I'd often struggle with clubbed fingers regularly, with my finger tips, toes and feet swelling up due to water retention. This was mainly due to standing for the entire day in a hot kitchen environment, handling hot and heavy pans and pots, and frequently holding back my urges to relieve myself in the restrooms due to the kitchen's work pace.

Disclaimer: Images shared below are not from chef Jun but to provide readers with a good reference of how clubbed fingers look like.

After Entropy

After drinking Entropy-treated water consistently on a daily basis, I found that my blood circulation has become better and my clubbed fingers have disappeared! My work pace has remained the same, I have been equally busy but this issue is no longer around for me. I have also noticed that my bowel movements and digestive flows are much smoother too. Thanks to Entropy!


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