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Marius Aseron from Manilla ,  Philippines

Entropy helped me to reduce my gout pain without medication or changing my lifestyle

I have been troubled for years by gout pain on both my kneecaps. It has brought me inconvenience in so many ways within my daily lifestyle. A month in after I started consuming Entropy-treated water, I was pleasantly surprised by its ability to reduce my gout pain tremendously without changing my lifestyle or taking any medication. I used to require medication just to reduce the pain, now I no longer rely on it.

Before Entropy

Before Entropy, my chronic gout pain would occur almost weekly, disrupting my lifestyle. Whenever severe gout pain episodes occurred, I would have to rely on medication to reduce the pain. It would sometimes get so serious that I would not be able to enjoy leisure activities fully such as golf, having needed to stop at the 9th hole due to the pain in an 18-hole game.

After Entropy

After starting to consume Entropy-treated water daily, the pain has subsided tremendously and the gout pain occurrences have disappeared! It was a pleasant surprise for me when my golf caddy noticed and brought up that I could now play a full game without stopping due to gout pain. What really struck me positively was that I did not need to alter my lifestyle or diet or take any medication for the gout pain to subside. It's really been an amazing experience. I would not go anywhere without my 1-litre water flask filled with Entropy-treated water now.


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