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How does Entropy work and how it helps you

How Entropy Works in 3 Easy Steps


It begins with the beverage of your choice

What sets Entropy apart from a lot of liquid treatment technology is that it can be applied to most beverages from your daily non-alcoholic beverages such as water, coffee, tea and juice to your occasional indulgence such as wines and liquor


Our patented technology energizes your beverage molecularly and naturally

Using our proprietary technology, we infuse ultra-low frequency electromagnetic waves into your beverage to energize the water molecules within.

This energized molecular state causes the water clusters to start rearranging actively.

This active rearranging of water clusters then generates clouds of free electrons in the beverage


Pure energy is now generated from your beverage organically, with nothing added

The energizing of your beverage and the production of free electrons help to deliver multiple positive outcomes for both your beverage and your body upon drinking the beverage.

The energized state allows for reactions to occur within beverages that could make your beverages taste more pleasant.

The excess free electrons generated can serve as fantastic antioxidants for your body and supercharge your metabolism.

Entropy Benefits At One Glance

True antioxidant with no residue
Promotes fat burn metabolism
Produces better-tasting beverages by reducing astringency and throat-burning sensation
Reduces harmful effect from alcohol metabolism
Reduces harmful effect from fructose metabolism
Supplies metabolic energy for optimized organ functions and immune health

Truly anti-oxidizing, with just pure energy and nothing else

In medical studies and journals, antioxidants have been widely quoted to be able to stop free radicals from damaging our cells, DNA and protein.

Your beverages can now do the same. The excess free electrons generated in your beverages can be used to neutralize free radicals, preventing them from damaging your body.

This can be scientifically measured with Oxidation/Reduction Potential (ORP), showing negative readings (more antioxidizing) after Entropy and positive readings (more oxidizing) before Entropy.


Supercharges your metabolism, promotes fat burn and better cholesterol levels

With Entropy treated beverages, it can elevate body energy level even at rest. This promotes fat burn metabolism and can be scientifically measured by the Lumen CO2 meter.

When the body is at an elevated energy level, the fat burn metabolism can also improve the blood lipid distribution profile. This means less bad cholesterol known as low-density lipoprotein and more good cholesterol known as high-density lipoprotein


Better-tasting beverages with reduced astringency and burning sensation

In the making process of alcoholic beverages such as wines or whiskies or high alcoholic content distillates, they are aged for several years in barrels or casks to achieve their richflavored and characteristically-smooth tastes.

This ageing will allow for polymerization of the alcohol molecules with other compounds such as polyphenol, tannins, flavonoids and etc.

By treating these beverages with Entropy, the elevated energy state will accelerate this polymerization and cause this effect to occur within minutes and not years.

This leaves behind smoother-tasting wines and whiskies that do not cause harsh burning sensations in your throat.


Protect your liver by reducing harmful effects from alcohol metabolism with Entropy

In alcohol metabolism, our livers will work to convert alcohol first to a mildly toxic compound called acetaldehyde with the help of enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase. This compound causes headaches and hangovers in mild cases, while in serious cases, it could cause fatty liver disease and cirrhosis.

Subsequently, with the help of enzyme aldehyde dehydrogenase, the liver will convert the mildly toxic acetaldehyde to non-toxic acetic acid

We want to avoid the build-up of toxic acetaldehyde by converting it more efficiently to acetic acid.

This can be done by Entropy-supplied metabolic energy simply by treating your alcoholic beverages with Entropy before consumption


Reduce the harmful effects from fructose metabolism

Today major sources of fructose include sugary drinks with high-fructose corn syrup or pure fruit juices.

Fructose in excess cannot be converted into glucose to be used as energy for our body cells. This excess fructose will spillover to our livers and get processed there like “toxins”

This can easily lead to nonalcoholic fatty liver, gout, insulin resistance and inflammation.

Entropy will supply the antioxidants and metabolic energy necessary to mitigate the risk factors that trigger harmful effects from fructose metabolism.


Boost your immunity and organ functions!

A healthy person usually does not fall sick easily due to the availability of sufficient nutrients and elevated metabolic body energy to kill all the intruding viruses within the shortest time before they multiply.

Entropy supplies the metabolic energy through the Entropy-waved beverages to supplement the extra energy needed by the human body.


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