Wave It, More Profit

Here's To Greater Profits and Healthier Customers


Get inspired by the many ways your business can use Entropy

Property Showflats

Impress your best clients by serving them anti-oxidising and metabolically energising beverages while they consider their new home purchase.

This thoughtful gesture may be the differentiator you need to close that multi-million-dollar property deal.


Get inspired by the many ways your business can use Entropy

Bars / Lounges / Clubs

Serve up antioxidising energy-infused whiskies, liquors or cocktails to all your customers at premium prices, because no one else around you can.

Great customer satisfaction, wonderful business differentiator!


Get inspired by the many ways your business can use Entropy

Gyms / Fitness Studios

Entropy's metabolic energy can aid recovery from a strenuous workout while its enhanced antioxidants can ease inflammation in muscle tissues.

Your clients will feel the difference in the body and you will feel the difference in their loyalty.


Get inspired by the many ways your business can use Entropy

Cafes / Restaurants

Coffee and tea on their own already carry wonderful antioxidants. Now imagine supercharging and enhancing those with Entropy, your customers will not have their coffee and tea any other way from now on.


Get inspired by the many ways your business can use Entropy

Spas / Wellness Centres / Salons

True pampering only begins when you start from within the body. 

Entropy provides the antioxidants that protect your body cells from being damaged, and also the metabolic energy to rejuvenate and repair them.

All of these served within Entropy-waved beverages.

Work with us to distribute Entropy products to your local customers 

Whether or not you are a new business owner or an existing business owner or a multi-business owner, you can work with us!

We are looking for sincere, resourceful and ambitious individuals who would like to partner with us to distribute the Entropy products in all over the world.

Speak to us today to find out more how! 

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Why work with us? 


No one else owns this technology

Our patented technology allows you to create solid and defensible differentiation between you and your competitors.


You could be the only one distributing Entropy in your area

You can claim exclusive rights-to-sell over your city, state, country or even region. No one else will be able to sell the same things as you, if you want.


Developed by an award-winning green technology company

Entropy's founding company, Ecospec is a Singapore-based award-winning green technology company that has spent over 20 years and US$50M in perfecting the applications of the underlying technology for Entropy.


We provide dedicated support for all of our sole distributors

From resource-sharing to training sessions conducted by us, we would be with you every step of the way so that your success is guaranteed.


Your customers can drink better without changing what they think

Your customers can now drink better without changing what they drink. they can now enjoy and beverage of choice, infused with healthful anti-oxidizing and metabolic energy.

Entropy sells itself and pays for itself

More profits from higher premium charged for Entropy-waved beverages. Your customers can now have their antioxidant and metabolic energy needs taken care of, no more expenses on pills and supplements

A world’s first opportunity of lifetime to gift someone the perfect gift of good health

Partner with us on this journey for empower more people with Entropy

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