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Established in 2001, Ecospec Noveltech is an award-winning inventive Singapore-based Green Technology company

About Ecospec Noveltech

Ecospec Noveltech is a green technology company which is invests major part of its resources in continuous research and development. Ecospec shows its commitment to the environment and society at large by inventing revolutionary environmental technologies to help save the earth. by making the best green technologies available to end users will allow the industries to save cost while protecting the environment.


20 Years

of experience in green technology and patented ultra-low frequency electromagnetic wave technology



invested in research and development



patents and inventions filed or granted

All these inventions save cost while making the world a better place to live in. Today, Ecospec reaches out to the international community with its ULF technology. At Ecospec, we help to make the world greener.

With the invention of our first consumer product Entropy, we harness our expertise and experience to bring the goodness of ULf technology to the betterment of mankind.

From our Founder/Inventor


Mr. Chew Hwee Hong

Managing Director, Ecospec Noveltech

Founder's Note

Better living is the basic right belongs to every person in this world. The silent pledge of Ecospec is to help the mankind to accomplish this aspiration through responsible inventions and technologies.

Founded in 2001 with teams of technologists, more than 40 green environment patents were invented in cohort over the last twenty years for cleaning up our sky and water resources, remove sour gases, carbon dioxides, harmful bacteria, and bio-organisms without using chemicals. The core “Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) Wave” technology won many prestigious international green awards, warmed our heart, and fortified our belief.

Crystallizing the past twenty years of green technology development, the ULF technology is miniaturized, launched and available to the public as Entropy line of consumer and commercial products. Not limiting to restoring our environment, Entropy technology have advanced and brought perfection to beverages with anti-oxidizing, energizing and enhanced taste properties. It brings more health benefits directly to public and accessible by every person, providing a healthier life and enjoyable living for everyone.

Experience & Accreditation


Years in drinking / cooling water treatment, and environmental technology


Years in marine and onshore corrosion control engineering


Years in mineralogy, paleontology and gemology


Years in drinking / cooling water treatment, and environmental technology


Fellow of institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (FIMarEST)


First President of the Corrosion Association Singapore

Multi Award-Winning & Trusted by  Leading Businesses

Major Awards & Accolades :


Environment Protection Solution Company of the Year

2015 F&S Singapore

2009 Sea trade Environment Protection Award

Seatrade Maritime Awards Asia

Sustainability Award

2014 Singapore Business Federation

2010 Green Ship Technology of the Year Award (Copenhagen)

2010 Green Ship Technology of the Year Award (Copenhagen)

Partners / Clients :


Sembcorp Marine

PUB Singapore's National Water Agency



Singapore Airlines

Singapore General Hospital


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